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Rita's Story

About Our Co/Founder | Rita Thomas


Rita Thomas was diagnosed on May 25, 2005 with triple negative, aggressive, inflammatory breast cancer. That diagnosis was the beginning of a harrowing journey up and down Highway 59. Because it was late stage when diagnosed, stage 3B, local physicians thought it best to refer treatment to M D Anderson Cancer Treatment Center in Houston, Texas.


The treatment plan was touch and go for the most part, none of the traditional breast cancer treatment plans worked, the tumor even grew through one of them. After 2 failed attempts, the oncologist, radiologist and surgeon conferred and decided on a trial drug to be administered along with radiation. Finally, the tumor shrank enough for surgery. Rita underwent a radically modified mastectomy on March 3, 2006 and was declared cancer free, only to be diagnosed again 3 months later.


The second diagnosis was a much faster process than the first and all treatment and surgery was complete by December 2006.


Today, Rita, after a two-time battle with breast cancer, victoriously celebrates 14 years cancer free. She walked away from the experience determined that if she had to fight for her life, then her life needed to be worth fighting for. She lives a full life as a wife, mother, grandmother, college professor and Evangelist.

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