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Our Founders

Evangelist Rita Thomas

The treatment plan was touch and go for the most part, none of the traditional breast cancer treatment plans worked, the tumor even grew through one of them.  After 2 failed attempts, the oncologist, radiologist and surgeon conferred and decided on a trial drug to be administered along with radiation.

Pebble Beach

I’ve had so many people say to me, ‘Gosh, you know, everything’s really gone wrong for you this year,’ and it took me going through that to realize that everything went right for me.

Sheryl Crow


Ms. Karen Lester

My doctor and I agreed on a lumpectomy . On August 22,2013 my first surgery to remove the lump and 9 lymph nodes (all negative thank GOD).  A week later I was informed I would need a second surgery. The thought of more cancer was scary.

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