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Karen's Story

About Our Co/Founder | Karen Lester


Karen Michelle Lester discovered the lump July 2013 during a shower while in Washington DC on what should have been a fun filled trip with mySorors. My doctor had been treating me for fibrocystic disease for about 7 months, but there was no lump. I had some symptoms of pain and swelling, but no discharge. I also remember feeling tired. I never thought it was cancer. After the diagnosis everything appeared to be moving slow. 


After  a mammogram and  2 inconclusive biopsy I was diagnosed with the dreadful disease of Infiltrating ductal carcinoma, stage 3b breast cancer on August 7, 2013. My doctor and I agreed on a lumpectomy . On August 22,2013 my first surgery to remove the lump and 9 lymph nodes (all negative thank GOD).  A week later I was informed I would need a second surgery. The thought of more cancer was scary. The second surgery confirmed no evidence of cancer remained. 


My strength during chemo and radiation was the unwavering support of my family and friends. I was once asked "what made me fight for my life". I was puzzled, it


took me a moment to answer, “GOD has not given me the authority to give up”. I'm a daughter, a mother, a grandmother, a sister, and an aunt. A lot of people think Breast Cancer is a death sentence and for some it might be, but for me Breast Cancer 🎀 made me look at life different and not take it for  granted. After 6 years  I stand as a phenomenal woman. MyLife - My Journey!

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