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We remember and honor
the legacy of Ms. Willie Mae Lester.


Ms. Willie Lester was a strong and independent woman who lived her life following the ideals of Christianity. The most important things to Willie was her love for GOD & Family. She was the primary care for 5 daughters. One of her daughters, Angela is deceased and In 2013, she watched GOD heal her daughter, Karen of Breast Cancer. 


Willie loved shopping and “Being tagged” if you knew Willie you understand “tagged”. She enjoyed a good meal; her favorite times were on Saturday evening or after church at one of her favorite restaurants. 


In May 2018, Willie received the dreadful news that she had Breast Cancer.  During her follow up with the doctors it was recommended that she have a mastectomy and start chemo immediately. The challenge was her youngest daughter, Yvonda was experiencing serious health challenges. As a loving mother who was accustomed to putting her girls first, she wanted to put off her treatment to care for her daughter. 

Willie chose to keep her fight private, only sharing her journey with her support team, which included her girls; Trina, Stacey (her caregiver) Karen and Yvonda, her grandchildren and great grands.


Willie also, had a special support team, she referred to them as her affectionate cousins - Alberta, Ilene and Edna. She would often tell the nurses and doctors, “let me call my cousins they are nurses”. Also, her Aunt Pearlie Rose Williams was a pivotal part of her support system. Even, though she often said,  “oh yea that’s my Auntie “ it was always said in a special way. 

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