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Sharon Bradley

Sharon Bradley

Niki Jackson

Niki Jackson

Wanda Waweru

Wanda Waweru

Melody Scott

Melody Scott

We celebrate the legacy of
the 2021 FOH Class of Warriors


Celebrating Sharon Bradley

Sharon is such a sweet and pleasant lady who has a constant and infectious smile. To see her is to see someone who is happy about life. Thank God, He saw fit to allow her to continue on in life.


She was diagnosed with Triple Negative Aggressive Breast Cancer in 2017. Sharon
underwent a lumpectomy followed by a weekly taxol chemotherapy regiment. She also had radiation. Sharon is 4 years cancer free.

Sharon Bradley
Niki Jackson

A Sister’s Tribute written by Robin Richardson

PINK is a beautiful color that brings awareness to such an ugly disease that can destroy anyone’s world --- IF you let it.

This dreadful disease called breast cancer doesn’t care how beautiful you are, what age you are, what status you are. It’s a battle that the women in my immediate family have faced. My mother, Shirley Richardson, my sister Kimberly Richardson and my dearly departed sister, Nikita Jackson, have ALL battled it.

Remembering Niki Jackson

My mother and my sister Kim live today to share their testimonies. I’d like to share with you my sister Niki’s courageous journey. As I mentioned before this is an ugly disease that can destroy anyone’s world – IF you let it. 


When diagnosed with Stage 4 breast cancer at the young age of 34, my sister Niki faced it head-on. She was determined NOT to let the illness overtake or consume her. And although it eventually caused her demise, Niki successfully WON that battle.


You may be questioning what do I mean? Well, you see, my sister Niki was given a death sentence at her diagnosis. Doctors told her that she wouldn’t live to see her then-18 month old baby ever grow. They told her that her child would never know her, that she should just start videotaping herself with the camcorder so that her daughter, Najah, could know her ONLY by memories.

Being the woman of God my sister was, and having the faith of a mustard seed that she did, she looked the doctor straight in the eye, and she looked cancer straight in the eye, and said NOT TODAY, Satan. I SHALL Live and Not Die. The devil IS a LIAR. I AM putting my TRUST in God. My child WILL know me.

She took that word “Cancer” and turned it in to Yes, I CAN-SIR! S-I-R-! I CAN-SIR. She cancelled cancer, and gave GOD the assurance that Yes, I CAN-SIR conquer this battle called cancer. Yes, I CAN-SIR do what you assigned me to do, which is to TRUST in YOU. You, see, I was always told that God gives his toughest battles to his strongest soldiers. Niki definitely proved to be one of them.

Putting ALL of her trust in God, and casting ALL of her cares on HIM, she CRIED out to God to grant her more years, AND HE did just that! He extended her life to age 40. She passed away just four months after her 40 th birthday and just one month after her daughter Najah’s 7 th birthday. That number seven is sooo significant, as it means completion. Niki had completed her task, she had courageously ran her race and had successfully finished her course. She finished her assignment. In 7 years, Niki taught Najah a lifetime of wisdom and showered her with a lifetime of love. When the doctor said: No, she wouldn’t. God touched and agreed with Niki and said Yes, she may have cancer, but YES, she “CAN-SIR…. S-I-R.”

Needless to say, that same doctor was always surprised when he saw my sister, and saw the spirit of the Lord continue to radiate through her. He was always amazed by her strength, her overwhelming glow, and her inspiring will to carry on. Most amazing Is that through it ALL, she still had JOY.

And needless to say, although Najah lost her mother, her best friend at the age of 7, which is devastating, it’s because of her mother that Najah continues to be the strongest, most resilient young person that I know. She’s the epitome of her mother. Her smile even radiates a room just like her mother’s. And through the grace of God, she still, too, has joy!

Through Niki’s journey, I learned that God is unchanging, because just like He did for Hezekiah in Isaiah chapter 38:1-5, he did the same for my sister. Also through Niki’s journey, I’ve learned that God definitely has the final say, I’ve learned that with God and through God anything is possible, I’ve learned that God is a healer, I’ve learned that God is definitely faithful, I’ve learned that through faith anything is possible, I’ve learned that God can make a way out of no way, that God will walk with you, that God will give you peace that surpasses allll understanding, that God definitely answers prayers, and that life is so very precious.

Niki also encouraged us through her journey to value this precious gift called life. She encouraged us to have annual breast exams, which I started very young, in my 20s, right after her diagnosis. She encouraged us to take care of our bodies through exercise, a healthy diet, spending time with the Lord and positive meditation. (I’m still working on the healthy diet and exercise part, sis)…

Most of all, through her journey of breast cancer awareness, Niki taught that any battle, no matter how it looks, can be conquered. With Jesus at the forefront, just face that giant, and say Yes, I CAN-SIR, S-I-R. Yes, I CAN win. She most definitely did.

Remembering Wanda T. Waweru

Grace, Confidence, and Awareness

A Tribute to Wanda T. Waweru by Anjalique Fisher

August 2005 is the day I gained a new mother in ways I could not begin to imagine. This was her first breast cancer diagnosis (second diagnosis was January
2012) and our lives were never the same. She exuded this newfound confidence as if it were something that she had never had before. She adapted to the changes of her new body with new fashion trends and with a constant smile on her face. There was never a doubt in her mind that she was going to beat breast cancer. Having 3 young children - giving up was not an option for her.

Wanda Waweru

After completing chemotherapy, she felt in her heart to share her testimony with other women. She educated herself and made it her business to share all that she learned. Never hesitating to offer advice, lend a listening ear, or just being a
supportive friend to other ladies who were fighting the same battle. Wanda was very passionate about Breast Cancer Awareness. It was a lifestyle for her. She would even wear pink everyday for the month of October.

Any time that I may feel down I often think about my mother, and I ask myself “How would Wanda handle this?” That answer is so simple, with grace, confidence, and awareness. She was one of kind and we miss her dearly.

Melody Scott

Celebrating Melody Scott

Melody started her journey with breast cancer in 2013 at the tender age of 25. During that time Melody had a double mastectomy, 6 rounds of intensive chemotherapy, 38 rounds of radiation, and later reconstructive surgery. In 2019, while in remission, Melody opened Beautiful Body & More, LLC in Bossier City, Louisiana. She works as a Certified Mastectomy Fitter and a Licensed Esthetician (Oncology Trained). Melody provides services to help ease cancer treatment side effects and provide a place of refuge where patients can relax and be pampered.

March 13, 2020 Melody was re-diagnosed with stage 4 Metastatic Breast Cancer. The cancer metastasis to her bones and to her lungs. When she found out the news she

angry, scared, and extremely disappointed to know that she had to physically and mentally prepare herself for this battle again.
This time around Melody felt death lingering around her.” I couldn’t breathe without oxygen, I was extremely weak, and I barely wanted to eat. I told God that If he saw fit to send me to glory, I wasn’t afraid, but to spare my life
anyway.” Treatment this time consist of 9 rounds of chemotherapy and hormonal therapies.

Now one year after Melody’s diagnosis she is back in remission, by the grace of God.
“God has turned my pain into true purpose. I believe now that every woman that receives a service from my business, I can sympathize with them no matter what stage of breast cancer they may be battling. I would have never chosen this path for my life but I’m grateful that I am resilient and always optimistic even when I do not know the outcome.”
 Melody desires to inspire and motivate current and future survivors to have a smooth transition into their new normal lives, by educating them about essential products they may need before and after breast surgery.

If you know someone that is battling breast cancer, please visit Melody’s website to receive more information about her services at

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