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We salute our 2023 honoree
Ms. Annette Garland 


Annette Garland was diagnosed in July 2006, after a routine annual exam. No biopsy could be done because of the location of the image that had shown up on the x-ray. Because of this, surgery was scheduled to remove the area and then a biopsy could be done. It was then determined to be cancer. A second surgery was scheduled to see if it had spread to the lymph nodes but by the grace of God, it hadn’t spread.


The testing showed that it was aggressive ER-positive cancer, only 5/8 of a centimeter, and Stage 1. The oncologist suggested four rounds of Chemotherapy, followed by 31 rounds of radiation. First chemo was administered October 2006 and it was there she began to lose her hair. Her older sister, Wilma Timberlake, was there to help her through the hair loss and every step of the wayafter that. Two more rounds took place in November, which were usually three weeks apart, and the last treatment was done December 2006 when she was finally able to “Ring the Bell”.

Starting January 2007, for 31 days straight, radiation was administered and in March 2007, this part of treatment was complete. Next came five years of medication therapy in pill form to help ensure the cancer did not return.

Annette gives God all the glory for 17 years of being cancer free! She


accredits God, her family, and her Marshally Full Gospel Holy Temple family, especially her leaders Bishop Kiel and Co-Pastor Kiel, for all of their love, encourage, faith and support.

“I had to rebuke the spirit of fear constantly. I had to build myself up in the word of God, daily. I had to remind God of His word and promises, and to believe that He was no respecter of persons. My turning point and what climaxed my faith was a message preached by Bishop Kiel while I was going through the greatest test and trial of my life. I believed that this diagnosis was a trial from the enemy, but I could not understand why I could not believe God enough for my healing. Bishop Kiel said the test might not be the trial, but your test might be how you go through the trial and that climaxed my faith! I then told the Lord I can go through this! I can endure this trial as a good soldier of Jesus Christ! I was determined to hold on and not doubt the Lord until I got the victory. What a journey! I am so glad I did not give up and I declare that God is Faithful and I’m still here, Cancer FREE!”

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